model course


A tour of Kushiro Shitsugen Wetland and the area’s magical lakes

Starts and finishes at Kushiro Airport. After leaving Kushiro Airport, start by making a stop at Fukutsukasa Sake, a local brewery where you can enjoy quality sake that cannot be found anywhere else. Head to the Akan International Crane Center, which is home to over 300 red-crowned cranes during peak season in winter, then finish your first day by Lake Akan, where you can tour a recreation of an indigenous Ainu kotan (settlement) and learn all about Ainu culture. Spend the next day immersing yourself in the magnificent lakeside scenery. A must-visit spot is Viewpoint 3 of Lake Mashu, where you can marvel at one of the world's clearest lakes and the stunning untouched nature around it. Before you head back to the airport, Kawayu Hot Springs, a natural hot spring near Mt. Io, is the perfect place to relax, refresh and think back over the amazing things you've seen and done.


Fukutsukasa is a brewery that has made seishu sake in Kushiro since 1919.

Fukutsukasa is one of Kushiro's best-known brands. Its name is said to come from fuku wo tsukasadoru, an ancient Japanese concept of inviting good fortune. As Kushiro's only sake brewery, Fukutsukasa makes delicious sake that cannot be imitated elsewhere, and is a firm favorite among Kushiro locals. The main ingredient is Hokkaido rice, brewed in groundwater filtered by the great nature of eastern Hokkaido.


Take an early morning tour through the snowy scenery around Lake Akan

In winter, you can explore a freezing natural environment where it is not uncommon for early morning temperatures to reach -20°C. The winter chill creates magical natural beauty. You can walk across the completely frozen Akan lake to its island in around 10 minutes. You can also see the sunrise over Mt. Oakan and beautiful natural phenomena such as frost flowers, rime and diamond dust. The tour meets at 6:20, early mornings from late January to mid-March. In summer, this island can only be reached by boat.


Enjoy a scenic natural footbath with a roof next to Kawayu's hot spring river

Kawayu Hot Springs is one of the only 100% natural hot spring resorts in Japan, with a distinctive sulfur smell. Hotel Kitafukuro has two open-air baths (rotenburo): a wooden bath called Fukuro no Yu and a stone bath called Mannen no Yu. You won't find a more stunning location than this, with views of peaceful primeval forest in the day and stars as far as the eye can see at night. Spring temperature: 49.7℃ pH 1.8 Day bathing available 2:00-6:00pm (open 7 days a week) Admission: Adult (age 13 and over): JPY800, Child (age 6-12): JPY400, Preschooler: Free