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Step into the world of
wood sculptor Takeki Fujito

A glimpse into the incredible mind of eminent wood sculptor Takeki Fujito.

Takeki Fujito is renowned for being one of Hokkaido's best-known contemporary wood sculptors, and for his intense character. Sadly, Fujito recently passed away at the end of October 2018 at the age of 84. He was still passionately active in the creative world up until his passing. People are deeply drawn to Fujito's untamed affect as he carved the wood, and the piercing eye contact that he made with everyone he spoke to. When Fujito made a wood sculpture, he dove straight in - no drafts at all. Watching this distinguished sculptor as he carved his unique vision into a piece of wood was an almost spiritual experience.

A Closer Look

Active in the creative world until age 84

When you think of Fujito, the word “natural” cannot help but come to mind. His expression, aura and distance exuded an enviable naturalness as he spoke to his wife. From the mutual respect between Fujito and his wife, it is clear that Fujito approached life in a wonderful way. That natural aura will live on through his works.