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Fukutsukasa Sake:
Enjoy Kushiro sake
from this historic local brewery

Fukutsukasa is a brewery that has made seishu sake in Kushiro since 1919.

Fukutsukasa is one of Kushiro's best-known brands. Its name is said to come from fuku wo tsukasadoru, an ancient Japanese concept of inviting good fortune. As Kushiro's only sake brewery, Fukutsukasa makes delicious sake that cannot be imitated elsewhere, and is a firm favorite among Kushiro locals. The main ingredient is Hokkaido rice, brewed in groundwater filtered by the great nature of eastern Hokkaido.

A Closer Look

How Kushiro's only sake brewery achieves the great taste that locals love

Fukutsukasa’s sake is brewed by a process called kanzukuri, which is mostly done in the winter and spring. A store in the brewery sells sake straight from the casks, as well as limited-edition sakes that are only sold at the brewery, iconic sakes such as Fukutsukasa and sake lees. Generally no brewery tours available. Tasting available (prohibited for those who are driving or underage).

Kazuma Yanase, Head of Production Department




Hokkaidō, Kushiro-shi, Sumiyoshi, 2 Chome−13-23
Tel. +81-154-41-3100