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Hard Rime on Kushiro River

A mysterious natural phenomenon that only appears early in the morning when the temperature is below -20°C

Hard Rime occur when the river is super-cooled, causing fog to rise up and be carried by the wind to Kushiro River basin where it is agitated by the trees, freezing and sticking to them. This amazing natural phenomenon makes it appear as though white flowers are blooming in the trees. When the sun rises and causes the temperature to rise, this ice separates from the trees and reflects the sun's light, causing what looks like a sparkling diamond dust to hang in air. This beautiful natural sight can only be seen on the harshest of winter mornings.

A Closer Look

Sunrise on the Kushiro River is the best time to see the frozen fog and hard rime

Guides who know the Kushiro Shitsugen wetland can give pointers on the best opportunities to see beautiful frozen fog and hard rime along the meandering Kushiro River.
You might also see the hard rime if you take part in morning winter canoeing activities along the Kushiro River, depending on weather conditions.
This is the only place you can experience canoeing down the Kushiro River with beautiful tunnels of hard rime on either side of you.

*There are no tours expressly for seeing hard rime and frozen fog, but you may see it while canoeing

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Beppogenya, Kushiro, Kushiro District, Hokkaido