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Teshikaga Town: Mt. Io

Stand inches away from the pulse of the earth

With the distinctive smell of sulfur and alpine plants at much lower altitudes than they usually grow, Mt. Io is like a scene from another planet. Mt. Io is located around 3km from Kawayu Hot Springs, and is called Atosa-nupuri (bare mountain) in Ainu. To this day, sulfur plumes rise from various areas of the mountain, with an incredible rumbling sound. Large-scale sulfur mining once took place here, which played a significant role in Teshikaga Town's development. Parking is free during the winter (late November to early April). Parking fees apply during summer: JPY200 for a motorcycle, JPY500 for a car, JPY1,000 for a minibus, JPY2,000 for a large bus *Mt. Io is currently closed to the public for safety reasons, as there is currently a risk of falling rocks.




Mount Iō, Teshikaga, Kawakami District, Hokkaido