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Teshikaga Town:
Diamond dust in Kawayu

For a short time every winter, the hot spring village becomes a fantasy world of snow and light

In this event, the plumes of steam rising from the hot springs sparkle with diamond dust, creating a mysterious world. It is usually held in February. Hundreds or even thousands of snow candles and ice candles are lit inside Kawayu Enchi, creating a magical world of light. An events area will be set up in a corner of Kawayu Enchi, with events that will be fun for all ages. You can enjoy features such as illumination of frozen bubbles and diamond dust, making snow candles, a snow slide and forest walking tours under the snow lights. Admission is free /4:30-10:00pm (TBD)  *Details may change from year to year.



Teshikaga, Kawakami District, Hokkaido