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a dish invented in Kushiro

Experience this uniquely Kushiro meal where local seafood is grilled next to the irori hearth

Kushiro is the birthplace of robata-yaki, and many robata-yaki restaurants can be found downtown. Robata-yaki is made with fish such as salmon, herring, Okhotsk atka mackerel, flounder, cod, Pacific saury, shishamo smelt and broadbanded thornyhead, along with shellfish such as scallops, squid, Sakhalin surf clam and oysters, as well as crab and shrimp. Some restaurants place a pot of Kushiro sake (from Fukutsukasa Sake) next to the irori hearth too. The sake is warmed to around the same temperature as the body and is drunk in a unique way, by scooping it from the pot with the ladle.



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