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Experience some truly breathtaking sky views.

Stars over Lake Mashu + Mashu and Kussharo Sea of Clouds Tour

A two-in-one bargain set of Tourism Teshikaga's most popular tours! Take the Stars over Lake Mashu tour at night, then go on the Mashu and Kussharo Sea of Clouds tour early in the morning.

Tour Information

Item Content
Operation period JUN 1, 2020 - OCT 10, 2020
Operator National Park Tourism Teshikaga
Capacity 29
Minimum participants req. 1
Tour guide Available
Departure time Lake Mashu Star-watching Tour: 20:30 (20:20 meeting at Kawayu onsen Lobby)                              Mashu/Kussharo Cloud Sea Tour: 05:00 (04:50 meeting at Kawayu onsen Hotel Lobby)
Duration Lake Mashu Star-watching Tour: 1.5 hours Mashu/Kussharo Cloud Sea Tour: 1.5 hours
Requirements / Notes <Lake Mashu Star-watching Tour> This tour will take place if there is a possibility of seeing stars at Lake Mashu. If stars cannot be seen after arrival, the tour will move to a different location.                    <Mashu/Kussharo Cloud Sea Tour> As it is natural phenomenon, there is a possibility that the cloud sea will not be visible. In such cases, we will take you to see the fog at Lake Mashu and Kussharo Caldera. Tours may be cancelled in the event of stormy weather.                                  * If one of the above tours is cancelled, we will receive the payment for the other tour only (Adult: JPY3,500, Child: JPY2,500, Infant: JPY500 *After April).
Period -
Area -

Price & Payment

Item Content
Price Special Offer: Adult (junior high school student or older): JPY6,200 (Original Price: JPY7,200), Child (elementary school student): JPY4,200 (Original Price: JPY5,200), Infant (Pre-school or younger): JPY1,000
Price includes Tour guide, Insurance
Cancellation policy When cancelling before 18:30 on the day of tour, no cancellation fee is required. Please contact us if you would like to cancel.
Payment On-site payment

What to bring

  • Please wear wind-resistant outerwear, warm clothes (fleece jacket, etc.), walking shoes(no sandals), hat/cap, rain gear, etc.

Additional info

  1. 1. Cancellations made due to personal reasons after 18:30(application deadline) will incur a cancellation fee.
    2. Notes for application
    When applying please advise us of your preferred date for the "Lake Mashu Star-watching Tour".
    The date for your "Mashu/Kussharo Cloud Sea Tour" will automatically be set to the next day.
    If you have other preferences regarding dates, please note it on the remarks.
    e.g.) If you select October 3rd, the "Lake Mashu Star-watching Tour" will be on October 3rd while the "Mashu/Kussharo Cloud Sea Tour" will be on October 4th.
    3. Departs from Kawayu Hot Springs.


Teshikaga, Kawakami District, Hokkaido