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Akan Town:
Early morning tour of Lake Akan
in winter

Take an early morning tour through the snowy scenery around Lake Akan

In winter, you can explore a freezing natural environment where it is not uncommon for early morning temperatures to reach -20°C. The winter chill creates magical natural beauty. You can walk across the completely frozen Akan lake to its island in around 10 minutes. You can also see the sunrise over Mt. Oakan and beautiful natural phenomena such as frost flowers, rime and diamond dust. The tour meets at 6:20, early mornings from late January to mid-March. In summer, this island can only be reached by boat.

A Closer Look

You'll be amazed by the natural beauty you can see early in the morning in the middle of winter.

You might even see tracks from a Yezo red fox or Yezo deer. Near the island is an area where part of the ice is melted and a hot spring flows. This is the destination of the morning walk. The rime over Lake Akan is caused by water vapor freezing in the air and sticking to the trees. Likewise, the frost flowers are caused by water vapor freezing on the ice in formations that look like flowers.




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